Clean Eating 2017 Matters-Say "yes" to Carbs!!!

  • Are Carbs your mortal enemies? Absolutely Not!
  • Thinking weight loss? Carbs can help!
  • Putting on more muscle in the right places...Carbs can definitely help you shape up!
  • Trying to lower your blood sugar levels? Yes Carbs can still help!!!
  • Fighting high cholesterol? The answer is still YES!

No matter what your health & fitness goals are, they are achievable with carbs being an essential part of your diet!

1. Choose thy carbs WISELY!

2. Although we crave for simplicity in most things in life, while choosing carbs "complexity" is the key. In the carb family Complex = Good 

3. Start replacing simple/refined w/ complex carbs/whole grains- brown basmati w/ white- you are adding more protein + a whole lot of fiber (0.6 grams v/s 3.5 grams) to your plate!

4. The fiber content in whole grains helps digestion by bowel regularity.

5. Complex Carbs also makes you feel fuller after a meal,  which translates to smaller meal portions = helping  weight loss 

6.  Complex carbs help stabilize blood sugar by releasing sugars slowly after meals.

7. Complex carbs are high in soluble fiber (beans, oatmeal, barley, quinoa, millet, wheat berries, fruits, prunes etc). 5 to 10 grams of soluble fiber each day can lower your total cholesterol.