Phirki Meals

“Aaj Khane mein kai hai” aka  “Honey, what’s for dinner tonight?”

Phirki Deliciously Desi is a 3 -day innovative meal program that brings the warm traditional flavors of Indian cuisine directly to your door. Phirki’s curated menu places different regional fare into the spotlight each week, showcasing iconic dishes that symbolize the heritage of India’s amazing culinary spectrum.

This is Phirki’s deliciously perfected healthful take on the best of Indian cuisine. All -Vegetarian, fresh, sustainable meals made with all-natural ingredients & packed with flavors.

Crafted with love in Brooklyn, NY

Rethink Indian Food : Phirki Style!

We plan a weekly menu 

We cook + deliver to your door 

You eat + enjoy + relax

Phirki versions

B - Base, perfectly portioned for 2

X - Phirki base + two extra Phirki meals

H- Phirki base + nutritiously powered add-ons by Sattva

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