Sattva: Rethink plant based nutrition

Sattva focuses on the goodness of plant based nutrition!

Inspired by the goodness of plant based diet, our rotating menu takes you on a culinary journey across the world, featuring the richness of vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts & seeds without any additives and preservatives. Curated with the best seasonal local produce and fused with herbs, spices to bring you the best of plant based nutrition.

Deigned and curated by a Neuroscientist, Sattva brings deliciously clean, plant - based meals directly to your door! Sattva empowers you to eat clean and be the best of yourself! 

Made with Love in Brooklyn, New York

Every single one of our meals are made with love by real people, in a state of the art collaborative kitchen in Brooklyn. Our ingredients are fresh, seasonal and locally sourced where possible. Our artisanal, hand batch approach to your food is a key piece to bringing wholesome, tasty meals into your life. Sattva is Sanksrit for Purity, and that's what we bring to your table: Pure, Clean Food!